Various Types of Tents – Which One will You Choose?

If you have developed a camping quirk recently and are about to head towards the jungles and mountains, have you thought about what you will need there? The most basic thing you will need, for example, is a tent. It’s the very shelter you will need to protect yourself from the elements and wildlife. Here are a few major types of tents you should know about in order to know which one you will find the most suitable.

Hoop Tent

Tents that are erected upon curved poles are called hoop tents. The poles help the tent to retain its stability and shape. You need to tie the guy ropes to pegs and carefully stake the pegs for optimum pitching. A typical hoop tent is made of three arched frames that create spacious interior. Another benefit of the shape of a hoop tent is that water and snow easily slide off. You have to make sure that the tent is pitched correctly, or else they can rattle and flap in strong winds. The benefit of a hoop tent is it’s the most compactly packed and lightest tent.

Dome Tent

For family camping, a dome tent is considered to be the most ideal. It is made typically of 2-3 poles crisscrossing at the center of the roof. Dome tents are of various types, e.g. an igloo dome tent. They provide a spacious interior and even sometimes an ability to create individual rooms and porches where you can store your belongings. Benefits of dome tents is that they are easy to set, stable and can protect you from elements e.g. in snowfall, better than other types of tents. Another benefit is they can be moved conveniently being freestanding.

igloo dome tent

A-Frame Tent

This is a traditional type of tent and is named so, because it looks like letter ‘A’ when erected. By itself it’s lightweight; however, it comes with an additional tarp for better weather protection. But due to this feature, it can be a bit heavier to carry. Due to its steep slopes, it doesn’t provide a spacious interior. They can provide a good shelter in normal weather, but not in strong winds.

Bell Tent

A bell tent is the most basic type of tent. It looks like a bell because of a cotton canvas cover being supported by a single central pole and tied to the pegs in the ground by guy ropes around the circumference. See this purple tent to get an idea. This type of tent comes in multiple sizes, most of which provide a spacious interior.

purple tent

Reading about these various types of tents, you can take an informed decision while shopping for one. Choose the most suitable one for you and enjoy your camping trip.

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