Truck Bed Tents – Things You Should Know

If camping in the open enthralls you, but you are not very much into sleeping in the open on the hard ground, a comfortable bed in a truck tent may be a good idea. This great product was created first by Roman Napieraj, the founder of Napier Enterprises, in 1990. It lets you enjoy camping without undergoing the hardships associated with it. Just like that in the SUVs, the bed in the truck tents can be converted to a protected and comfortable sleeping space. They allow you to avoid the hard ground that carries the risk of getting infested with bugs and insects; they also provide you the desired warmth in winter and dry in rains. Truck bed tents are easy to set up too. Let’s see what to look for while buying a truck bed tent.

Fitting Your Vehicle

Firstly you need to ensure whether the truck bed tent will fit your vehicle. Quite a few of them are designed particularly for SUVs, while others are designed for pickups; so, not any tent can fit any vehicle. You also have to check whether your vehicle will need any modifications and if they need them, you should check whether it fits your budget. You will also have to see if you will need any additional tools for installation and if they are provided at no extra cost with your purchase or you would have to buy them separately. One of the commonest types of truck bed tents is the one designed to be installed in the truck’s bed. You can setup the tent once you find a good parking place and set the parking brake.

Type and Size

Truck bed tents are of various types and you can choose one as per your vehicle.

Hatchback style tents have extra cargo space and are perfect for smaller SUVs. You can turn your cargo area into a cozy sleeping space in this type. You can also have tents designed for minivans and larger SUVs, and also ones designed only for pickups. But the ones designed for trucks are typically easy to install.

Universal tents can usually be used with any vehicle. These can turn your car, truck or SUV into a cozy campsite. However, they come at a slightly higher cost.

Regarding the size, you should consider the size of your vehicle. However, it should also be considered that the tent should provide you a space to sleep comfortably. Most tents are big enough to accommodate 2 to 3 people; you can also get models that can accommodate more number of people at a higher price.

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