Top Tips for Cooking with a Camping Kettle

A camping kettle is a great tool to carry while going on a camping trip with family or friends. Why? It offers you fresh hot water without having to carry flasks and it boils water even in harsh, windy conditions. As a bonus, you get the much desired warmth of the kettle in frosty conditions. However, having such a fantastic tool with us, it’s a shame if we use it just for boiling water. We can use the camping kettle for cooking too. Here are some tips.

Cooking with Camping Kettle

We are talking about Ghillie Kettles, which are being handmade in the time-honored traditional way and are being used for centuries by campers, hikers, anglers and other adventurers for outdoor use. They are versatile and much more than a water-boiling kettle. With just a pot stand added to the kettle, we can use the kettle for cooking. The pot stand should fit in the top of the chimney. The pot stand allows you to place a cooking pot or pan over the chimney and you can cook food while boiling water.

Remember that the foods that can be cooked fast should be cooked on the camping kettle because the fire in the kettle is designed not to last longer. Alternately you can use a hobo stove for longer lasting fire and cook more. With this addition, you can use your Ghillie Kettle for many things and especially they are great camping kettles in Canada or similar places when you have kids with you in colder climate.

So, when you have a hobo stove, pot stand and pots and pans, you can cook a delicious meal containing sausages, noodles, pasta and of course fish.

Ghillie camping kettle

Safety Tips

  • Remove the cork/stopper before you light the fire at the bottom of the kettle. The stopper is designed only for transporting cold water.
  • Also, don’t take the kettle as your water bottle and carry it upright always.
  • Keep children away from the fire while lighting the kettle. Any barrier in the water spout can lead to a serious burn to the user or others who are close by.
  • Never try to hold the handle above the chimney while the kettle is lit as it can cause a burn.
  • Use spare water to extinguish the fire.

Visit Wood Cook Stoves to watch the exquisite Ghillie Kettle which are trusted companions of adventurers for years. They can be used in the harshest of conditions, even in wet and windy conditions, and use least of available fuel, thus saving your money.

ghillie kettle hard anodised

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