Top 5 Tips to Choose the Best Camping Lantern

It’s doubtless that your camping ensemble should essentially have a lantern. Why – simply because there is no other light source at night there. Maybe there is moon and stars, but can that light suffice for making or eating food? Can it show you a snake or any such dangerous animal fast reaching your campsite? Or can it scare that animal away? No! So, you need a lantern. But which one? There are so many out there; but you don’t want the biggest and brightest one. Here are some tips to choose a perfect lantern for camping.

1. Lantern or Headlamp?

You should first decide whether you need a lantern or a headlamp will be enough for you. To know this, you should know that a headlamp works well for a single person and illuminates everything in the front while allowing you to walk with hands free. On the other hand, a lantern is very useful when there are multiple people involved in camping because it illuminates its surrounding 360° area.

2. Types of Lanterns

So, you are camping with your family. Obviously you need a lantern. First understand the various types. There are mainly three of them: 1. Camping 2. Backpacking 3. Emergency. However, most camping lanterns can also be used as emergency lanterns. Also some companies have come up with lanterns that fall not only all these categories but work with even more versatility.

3. Brightness

The brightest lantern is not always the best for camping. After all, you don’t want to be blinded with its light. Therefore you should check the intensity of light of a lantern while buying, whether it is too much or too low or just right. A frosted plastic model with non-glaring light is always recommendable as a best camping lantern.

4. Ease of Use

When you need light, you need it at that point of time. In short, the lantern should give you light immediately when you need it without any hassle. In a situation of a fast approaching bear or your food getting burned, there is no sense in struggling with a variety of buttons. Choose a lantern which you and even your children can operate easily. Ideally such a lantern with easy buttons and that can be hung over a branch at nighttime should be chosen for a family camping trip. Make sure that you get well familiar with the features and functions of the lantern if it has any.

5. Longevity

The longevity of the lantern is as important as its light intensity and ease of use. After all, camping involves adventures and harshness of weather elements. The lantern should withstand such situations and should help you in difficult conditions.

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