Top 4 Tips to Buy a Perfect Family Tent

More and more people are getting interested in camping because of its tremendous benefits like health, stress relief, closeness to the nature and a great exercise. Amongst the increasing number of camping enthusiasts, there are families too, seeking a chance to spend time together and enjoying the fresh air, solitude and wilderness. This has given rise to family tents. However, because you have a wide choice, it’s equally daunting as to which family tent to choose. Here are some tips.

1. Size – Big or Small?

You should first consider whether you will need a big tent or a small one. As such, you can even get palatial tents. These are ideal for spending many days with your family on a camping trip, because it provides a spacious comfortable area for your family along with all the supplies that can make your life easy. However, they too have downsides, like:

  • They are bulky and heavy to carry
  • They take a long time to set up and need at least two people for the task. Obviously kids remain unsupervised while you are busy erecting the tent.
  • As the tent is so large, you have to buy or take with you a large number of things to fill it up and then again it takes your more time to arrange them in place.
  • Very large tents are not allowed at some campsites.
  • A tent of such big size is perfect only when you are to spend many nights outdoors.

On the other hand, if you want just a one-nighter, better choose a small tent. You can also buy kid tents to make them feel important and happy, and get their space for playing and relaxing.

kid tent and accessories

2. Bedrooms and Layout

Instead of thinking on the number of people that a tent can accommodate, think on how many bedrooms it has. Tents with a greater number of bedrooms obviously have more space, which is important for family camping. The comfort level of a tent depends on how many people it sleeps.

3. Thinking about Children

In case of a child of early school age, a tent with your bedroom next to the child’s bedroom is a good choice. This type of arrangement has a divider between the two bedrooms that can be zipped and unzipped. The benefit of a separate bedroom for children is that they can sleep earlier than you without getting disturbed. Another great option is kid tents which make children very happy.

4. Accessories

To add a charm to your holidays, especially for children, you can buy a lot of camping accessories including kids saucer chair, outdoor table, outdoor bed, hammock and more. These not only create a perfect holiday ambience but also make your life comfortable and enjoyable. They are essential for a family camping trip so as to create the feeling of home.

kids saucer chair

Consider these tips while buying a perfect tent for a family camping trip and you can enjoy the camping in a true sense.

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