There are More Tents in the World than You Think Of!

If you want to start camping as a hobby, you should know the basics of tents. There are various types of tents and choosing from such a vast range of types, shapes and sizes is pretty daunting. In that case, checking tent reviews on reputable sites is a good way to find the best suitable tent. Click here for tent reviews which will give you a fair idea about what are your needs and which tent you should choose. In this article, we’ll see different types of tents; hope, it will help you in deciding which one will suit your requirements.

Pop Up Tents

If you get bewildered by thinking of erecting the tent in the jungles, with nobody to help you except your not-so-strong spouse and small kids, a pop-up tent is the best for you. It takes just some seconds to pitch when you throw it out and peg it down! If you are attending a festival or picnicking in the back garden, a pop-up tent is the most suitable, because it keeps your family amused without having to undergo the trouble of pitching the tent.


Festival Tents

Festival tent is a comparatively cheaper alternative to a standard tent. While choosing a festival tent, always go for one having an extra berth (i.e. if you want a 2-man tent, choose a 3-man tent). That will give you enough space. If you are in an area like the UK, where summer is unpredictable, it is wise to get a built-in porch, whereby you are able to store your muddy wellies there, while keeping your sleeping section clean. A good thing about the festival tents is they are available in a wide range of prices and sizes, to suit any need, whether you want one for you alone or a larger group, and for any budget.

festival tent

Weekend Tents

Weekend tents much resemble the festival tents, but they are more suited just to a couple and maybe only an infant additionally. If you are ready to spend only a little more than you would on a standard festival tent, the weekend tent is for you. You can also have a larger space to relax at the end of the day. Moreover, it’s easy to pitch and put away, so, are ideal for short weekends.

weekend tent

Family Tents

Family tents have a variety of sizes according to your family, ranging from having 3 berths to 10. They vary in spaces, styles and many other factors too. Typically a family tent has multiple bedrooms and a large living space. There’s something more luxurious and delightful about a family tent, because of which it is getting increasingly more popular than an expensive holiday abroad. A family tent also offers various accessories like tent carpets, porches and footprints, to offer more comfort and space.


Inflatable Tents

Inflatable tents are also called air tents and sport the latest technology. From the name, you might imagine them to be bouncy, but they are not. The inflatable aspect is limited just to replacing the standard fibre glass or steel poles. You just have to connect your pump to inflate the beams and your tent will be erected within minutes.

These tents are getting increasingly popular particularly with weekend campers and families. The inflatable beams are as sturdy as standard tent poles, but with no danger of snapping.

inflatable tent

Backpacking/Mountain Tents

Backpacking or mountain tents offer you the chance to evade from crowded summer campsites and explore beyond the routine possibilities. They are smaller in size for a reduced weight and compact in size, so as to be perfect to carry with your rucksack. Their shape is normally tunnel or geodesic, ideal for wind resistance, stability and rigidity in open spaces like fields.

backpacking tent

So, you can see that there are several types of tents to suit any type of need. You just have to identify and choose them, because a good tent is a good investment. Take help of to know about the best tents available on the market.

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