Sleeping Bags Guide – Shapes

Are you ready for a camping adventure? To make sure your experience will be memorable and enjoyable, it’s important to buy an appropriate sleeping bag. Since there are so many sleeping bags available for camping, choosing the right one might be a tricky task. To help you decide which one to pick, we’ve asked experts from Diamond Outdoor – Affordable Camping, Hunting and Fishing Gear to tell us more about sleeping bags, more precisely, about their shapes. Here’s what we’ve found out.

Basically, sleeping bag keeps a camper warm because it traps and holds a layer of non-circulating air next to camper’s body. Human body heat warms up this air and the sleeping bag forms a barrier between it and outside air and ground. Therefore, the less air space, the faster it gets and stays warm.

Rectangular shaped sleeping bags are probably the most common type, because they allow maximum roominess and comfort. There is a possibility to buy two sleeping bags with compatible zippers; this way you can mate them to create a double sleeping bag.

Semi-rectangular shaped sleeping bags are used for both backpacking and camping. Being barrel-shaped, they offer greater efficiency and warmth compared to their rectangular counterparts and still there’s enough room for a comfy night’s sleep. Semi-rectangular sleeping bags are popular with backpackers and campers who aren’t fans of the tight fit that’s typical for a mummy sleeping bag.

Mummy-shaped sleeping bags are ideal for car camping and backpacking; they have narrow hip and shoulder widths in order to minimize weight and maximize warmth. Nevertheless, these bags are rather restrictive, so some campers might find it difficult to sleep in them.

People go camping because they want to get away from the restraints of modern civilization. Still, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a good night’s sleep while enjoying your outdoor activities. Obviously, there’s no “perfect sleeping bag”, because everything depends on your own preferences and planned camping activities.

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