Safety Tips for Using Firearms During Your Camping Trip

Are you fond of carrying your firearms on your camping expedition? Certainly, they are an exciting element of your camping ensemble. You can use them for hunting or just for shooting practice. Whichever way they are used, they are great. But if your family or friends too are with you on your camping trip, there are a lot of precautions to be taken regarding firearms. It is alarming to hear that annually 500 to 700 deaths take place in the US because of wrong use of firearms. And this number can be reduced greatly, only by adopting certain safety rules. Moreover, it should also be taken into consideration that firearms have a great impact on the environment. Therefore before carrying firearms on your camping adventure, consider these points.

Awareness and Understanding

If there are more number of people involved in the camping trip and you are carrying firearms with you, everyone should be aware of their presence, that too, before starting the trip. Some people are very sensitive towards weapons and wouldn’t want to get a shock of their existence once the trip starts.

You or those who will use the weapons should be absolutely well-versed regarding how to use them and also how to handle them safely. If everyone is excited about and want to use them, everyone should be given thorough instructions about their safe and proper use. Just a five-minute speech about the basics of safety and accuracy, repeated five times can be a life-saver.

Maintenance of Firearms

It’s a lot of fun to shoot beer bottles with a double-barrel on your camping trip. But it can be fun only when you take due precautions. You should clear of any debris from the weapon and oil it well. If the weapons haven’t been used for more than 3-4 months, it’s important to get them inspected and ensure safety.

Gun maintenance is not all about cleanliness. There are many other factors involved. Even though your handguns, rifles and shotguns are in use and you don’t feel the need to clean them, they might have a hidden potential of causing damage. E.g. most of the AR 15 sights should be fitted professionally to avoid wrong operation. A difference of only some millimeters can bring about yards of potential imprecision in case of long-range firearms.

The Surroundings

Those who are not acquainted with firearms can get a shock after seeing how far a bullet from a rifle can travel, easily more than a mile, with sufficient open space. It’s well known, that a campsite is just a small part of a vast piece of land, potentially be used by shooters other than you. Know where you are pointing your rifle as far as bullets can travel.

Cleaning Up

Bullets and their casings quickly make a huge trash during recreational shooting. This is several pounds of metal that keep lying on the ground. Make it a point to try to keep the casings nearby and once the shooting is over, collect them in trash bags, along with other trash you can find. All members of the touring party should do this. You may not clean it up all, but you can certainly minimize the litter behind you.

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