Relish Great Camp Food with Outdoor Pizza Oven

Though we go for camping to satisfy our passion for adventure, to unwind on the lap of the Nature, to breathe in fresh air and fragrances of the jungles, and to enjoy living directly under the skies, cooking and eating outdoors, and relish food in the open is also one of the most enjoyable parts of camping. The best part is, while on camping, the cooking job is not only limited to ladies – men and children participate too and that makes a wonderful outdoor party. Outdoor pizza oven is perhaps the best for this purpose. It is easy to operate and its resultant is matchless.

Whether you use an iron oven, steel oven or a clay oven, a few tips and tricks can help you make great food. The tools you will need are:

  • Oven mitt to prevent the heat from burning your hands
  • Long-handled tools for the same purpose
  • High rack for making pizza
  • Oven lifter for lifting lid and checking if food is prepared – you can even use a tent peg puller – this is needed for all cast iron ovens
  • Cake/bread/muffin tray/tin
  • A trivet to place on the floor of the oven
  • Roasting meat thermometer
  • A whisk broom to clean ashes off the lid – this should be of horse hair and not of nylon because the later will melt due to heat

Seasoning of the Oven

  • First you will have to take out any stickers of the manufacturer and oils from the oven. Do it with hot water and a stiff brush or a scourer – but not a hard wired tool. After you clean the oven, let it dry completely.
  • If your oven is of cast iron, it needs to be treated to seal its surface, which is porous. Never use soap on cast iron ovens as it will be trapped in the pores – may give a soapy smell and taste to your meals!
  • Spun steel oven can be cleaned with mild soapy water.
  • Wipe the lid of the camp oven neatly from inside and outside preferably with rice bran oil if it is cast or spun iron, because this oil burns at a higher temperature than olive and other vegetable oils. Coconut oil too is a great choice.
  • Heat the oven to a moderate temperature of 200° C with the lid placed on it, till the oven gets heated completely. Next, let it cool down.
  • Repeat the processes of oiling and heating to get an even color to the oven. Because of this the oven won’t be rusted and you can easily clean it after every use.

Preparing Fireplace

  • You should dig a hole somewhat larger than your camp oven beside the fireplace, in order to prevent the heat from the main fire from burning the damper.
  • Prepare a good campfire that will end up with several red hot coals. Burning hardwood will give a constant heat. It may take some hours to get a sufficient amount of red hot coals.
  • Preheat your outdoor pizza oven hole with plenty of hot coals. But remember to remove some coals before cooking since we utilize fewer coals for cooking.
  • If the conditions are windy, it is best to spread the coals evenly on the floor of the oven to create a warm bottom. Wind can kindle the coals and raise the temperature which makes the oven cook too fast, leading to total evaporation of liquids inside the food.
  • If you are camping on rocky or sandy ground, you can position a big shovel of coals beside the fire, somewhat bigger than your outdoor oven’s base. Place the oven directly atop the coals. Don’t forget to rotate the oven frequently to stop food from burning.


You can simply scratch out the left behind food and use hot water and a natural bristle brush to clean the oven. Let it dry completely – you can place it beside the fire or in the sun for this. NEVER use soap or detergent.

With these many tips and tricks you can keep your outdoor pizza oven always in good shape to take it anytime on your camping adventure, and prepare and enjoy great food with the help of it.

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