Night Vision Devices – Basic Info

Night vision devices can be very useful for camping, especially if you’re going into the wild. With these electronically enhanced optical devices you are able to see even in a dark interior or on a moonless night. Simply put, you can see everything within range of the infrared illuminators, in near -total darkness. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Now, let’s see what kind of night vision optical devices you can buy!

A Night Vision Monocular has one eyepiece and one objective. It has many benefits and it’s a very versatile NV device. Typically, people think of them as hand-held units, although they can be weapon- or head-mounted. One of the advantages of a monocular over a binocular is that one eye is always adjusted to the ambient lighting condition, which is very useful if you are constantly moving from lighter to darker conditions.

A Night Vision Binocular is similar to a daylight binocular, because it has two eyepieces and two front lenses. A NV device has, of course, a night vision intensifier tube. Although it uses only one intensifier tube, it doesn’t offer better performance or range compared to a monocular, but it provides more comfortable viewing since both eyes are used. Check out Bushnell Digital Night Vision Binocular.

A Night Vision Goggle is actually any unit coming with a headset. In general, it comes in three versions: monocular goggle, bi-ocular goggle and binocular goggle. Monocular goggle is the least expensive and the lightest type of NV system, it uses a monocular mounted to a headset. However, it doesn’t provide any depth perception and it’s not as comfortable to use as a two eyepieces systems, such as bi-ocular and binocular goggle. When it comes to the goggles with two eyepieces, bi-ocular goggle comes with two eyepieces and one front lens, while binocular device uses two eyepieces and two front lenses. While bi-ocular goggle offers better viewing comfort, it does not improve in depth perception if compared to a monocular. The binocular goggle offers improved viewing comfort as well as depth perception, which is very important if you use NV goggle while in motion.

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