Miniwell – Portable Water Filter that will Let You Enjoy Camping to the Fullest

While going on camping, one of the main concerns is that whether we would get pure hygienic water or not. We obviously don’t want to fall ill while being in the wilderness where there are no medical facilities if something serious happens. And when we pack luggage for camping or hiking, we want to be the lightest and so, don’t want to carry our home water in bottles. So, what is the solution? There is indeed a superb solution now – a portable water filter!

Miniwell Portable Water Filter


Miniwell is a portable water filter which you can carry easily because it’s just the size of your palm. Its attractive columnar shape offers easy grip and it has a very convenient straw-like nozzle through which you can drink the purified water.


How to Use Miniwell Filter?


Miniwell portable water filter is a cylindrical gadget on the one end of which is the above-mentioned nozzle to drink water. The other end should be dipped in the water you want to filter, maybe it is a river, lake or your bottle. Yes, you can conveniently fit it on a bottle top. You can conveniently suck the water through the nozzle while it comes in your mouth filtered through the wonderful filtration system inside the tiny filter.


What Impurities can be Filtered?


While being in the wilderness, there is a big threat of being contracted by micro-organisms in the water which can cause deadly diseases if you don’t have your immunity at its best. If you have a water filter like Miniwell with you, this threat is lessened to a great amount because 99.9% impurities and pathogens are filtered by this filter. Some of these deadly pathogens are E. coli, S. aureus, S. typhi, legionella, cholera bacteria and more.


What if it Gets Saturated?


No worries! Miniwell has a very high filtration capacity of 2,000 L and so, it will last for years! It has innovative Ultra-low Pressure membranes which you might have to clean only once in a while, but not very frequently.

So, it’s guaranteed that now you’ll get pure water free from disease-causing pathogens and other impurities and can enjoy your adventure to the fullest!

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