How to Choose a Camping Knife

What is a good knife for camping, backpacking or hiking? If you expect “one size fits all” answer, I must disappoint you. The type and number of knives you need when going into the wild depends on what you intend to use it/them for. There are so many options available when it comes to camping knives for sale. Let’s take a look at the main types of these necessary items and their pros and cons.

A Fixed Blade Knife isn’t the first choice for most campers. Since it does not fold up suggests a camper needs a sheath or carrying case, which undoubtedly means carrying extra weight. But, because there’s one piece of metal that begins in the handle and continues to the blade, fixed blade knives are stronger. Although campers usually don’t need that kind of strength, it’s sometimes crucial to have the knife that isn’t likely to snap in half while being used.

A Single Folding Blade Knife is rather convenient for hiking and backpacking because it can fit in a pocket and can be lighter than a fixed blade one. Nevertheless, the hinge is, apparently, the weak point of this knife. If it comes with a locking mechanism preventing the blade to fold shut while in use, a single folding blade knife can be the best option for camping gear.

The Multitool is very useful and typically, it comes with an array of blades, pliers, screwdrivers and wire cutters. Obviously, it’s good for fixing variety of things. Nevertheless, the multitools tend to be narrow and small and they aren’t designed with backpacking, camping and hiking in mind. Simply put, most models aren’t suited to tough jobs, while at the same time they offer features that are unlikely to be necessary on a hiking or camping trip.

The Swiss Army Knife is always welcome as an camping/hiking item. Since the array of available models is quite overwhelming, it’s possibly to get even a USB drive attached to your knife. However, the more things on a knife, the heavier it becomes. For a camping/hiking trip, opt for the Swiss Army style knives with a good blade, an awl and a saw.

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