Choosing the Best Types of Tents for Families with Small Children

It’s fun to go out with family and children, in the open air, mountains, with a lovely river flowing by, to cook food on campfire and stay in a charming tent! And today there are so many choices available in family tents! However, that too is a bit problematic – because it creates confusion, regarding which one would be the best for you! Let’s clear the confusion by having some more insight about family tents.

Factors to Consider

There are lots of factors you will have to consider. These include number and age of kids and the type of camping you want to arrange. Here we’ll consider different types of family tents so that you can decide which one will be the best for your needs.


Think upon what size of tent you need. Various sizes of tents are available from small ordinary tents to “tent palaces”.

For a family, a big tent is ideal so as to offer plenty of space, especially to children who need a lot of space to play, hop, jump and so on. Big tents also provide ample space to store all things you have brought along.

Some of their drawbacks may be:

  • You may find them heavy and bulky to carry; but if your vehicle is big enough to accommodate one, this is not a big problem.
  • You may need a lot of time to erect and set them. But if you have that much energy and patience and also someone to supervise the children while you are putting your tent up, this is also not a big problem.
  • Some campsite won’t allow very large tents. So, you may have to hire two pitches or change the campsite.

All in all, a very big tent is perfect when you will be going on a family camping trip where you will be spending more number of days.

bigger tent

Layout and Bedrooms

You will also have to think upon the layout and number of bedroom you will need, so as to accommodate your family comfortably. More number of bedrooms will create more space. If you have plans for a growing family, you better invest in a tent with more number of bedrooms.

Regarding layout, it depends on the age of your kids. If your kids are very young, consider having a separate bedroom for them but it should be next to yours and the divider between the two bedrooms should be able to unzip quickly in case of emergency. With a separate room for a small child, you can put her/him to sleep early so that s/he won’t be disturbed.

If the child/children is/are older, they may want a lot of independence, especially if they are girl-boy mix. So, for them too, you better give a separate room, but without an easily removable divider to maintain their independence.

inside a tent

Read Reviews

The best thing to do is read reviews. I suggest you to visit where you will come across a number of honest and comprehensive tent reviews which will help you to take an educated decision. Their sole aim is to let you know about the best and worst tents, because they have taken experience of crappy tents and don’t want other campers to go through that experience. So, you can imagine the quality of their reviews. So, don’t forget to visit this extremely useful site. (Images in this article are their courtesy.)

inner side of a tent

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