Choosing Perfect Hiking Boots – What to Look For?

official Boy Scouts of America hiking bootsHiking through lush greenery on an enchanting mountain trail is a great joy! However, it can be only so, if your feet are in perfect hiking boots with optimal comfort and protection. If your feet are not comfortable, you cannot enjoy your hiking trip, can you? All in all, you’ve to find a perfect pair. How would you do that? Here are a few tips.

Check the Various Styles

Just like sneakers, hiking boots are designed for particular types of trekking. Are you an infrequent hiker or a frequent one? Knowing the type of hiking you do will be important in choosing the right hiking boots for your needs.

Light Hiking Boots

A stronger version of running shoes, light hiking boots can be better described as shoes. They are ideal for day hiking, though several long-distance backpackers wear them for an ultra-light fit too.

Backpacking Boots

Backpacking boots are designed for a great range of terrains, both on and off the trail. They are perfect if you are planning a multi-day trek. They have a stiff sole and so, they are durable thus will help you fight almost any condition.

Mountaineering Boots

If you are about to traverse through snowy paths, rocky terrain or glacial trails, you should go for these boots. They are designed to deal with a heavy load and can withstand the toughest of terrains.

But there are even some boots that suit almost every terrain. A great example of this is the official Boy Scouts of America hiking boots that go with the official uniform. These boots are geared toward not only Boy Scouts but also hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. These were just launched on Amazon and available in limited quantities. So, you’ll have to hurry!

official Boy Scouts of America hiking boots

Check the Cut

Hiking boots are available in various cuts and it should be customized as per your type of hiking. The wrong cut can cause a rolled ankle or rocks in your boots. There are three types of cuts.


These resemble running shoes. Although they are ideal for casual lightweight hiking, this cut can cause ankle injuries. Boots with this cut can be best worn on well-maintained trails.


Mid-cut offers more balance and ankle support and also better buffer from dirt along the trail.


High-cut offers optimal ankle support and balance and is best for adventurous hikers who go on and off the trail and traverse potentially dangerous terrains.


Check Materials

Materials of your hiking boots should be checked keenly because it’s of immense importance. The wrong material can make your feet uncomfortably hot and cramped. Know the different materials so that you can choose the right one for you.


Synthetic materials are usually polyester and nylon. They are easy to break in, lightweight and fast drying in wet conditions, but typically are less waterproof.

Split-grain Leather

This material is usually made with half synthetics and half leather and is breathable. However, it’s not as waterproof as full-grain leather. It’s not even very durable.

Full-grain Leather

This material is used for making most mountaineering boots. It’s very durable, ideal for ardent hikers planning to traverse unstable terrains. However it’s very heavy and less breathable.

Nubuck Leather

This is a kind of aniline leather characterized by a velvet-like texture and an extremely lavish appearance. Its surface will change shades if you run your hand over it. The above-mentioned official Boy Scouts of America hiking boots are made of this material and are perfectly water resistant. Of course, the material is further supported by Dual Density Memory Foam and Composite Shank for an added arch support, offering the best protection to feet.

Remember these points so that you can get your hands on the perfect hiking boots that will make your adventure not a pain, but a delight!

hiking in snowy terrain

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