Buying a Kukri – Things You Should Know

While camping in the wilderness, a survival knife is essential and what else can be more perfect for this than a kukri? Kukri is a strong and dependable knife used by the Nepalese and is world-famous as a best protective weapon. However, before buying a kukri, you should have good knowledge about it because handling a kukri carelessly can be dangerous. Here are some tips.

What is a Kukri?

It will not be unseemly here first to know what a kukri is. A kukri is a Nepalese knife curved on its front side. This knife got tremendous fame in the WWII when the British Gurkha Soldiers used it. It was also used after that by the NATO forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, alongside American soldiers. It’s quite popular among campers and other knife enthusiasts because of its sharp blade that can chop authoritatively but is thick enough to do continuous hacking and pounding.

Genuine Kukri

A genuine kukri is handmade and manufactured by beating and hammering red hot steel again and again to give it its characteristic shape. A lot of machine-made kukris are sold for cheaper price; however, if you want a genuine piece, you should buy the handcrafted kukri specially made heavy at the front end of the blade. This gives the knife more chopping power with least efforts, thus making it very suitable to small branches and bushes during camping and other outdoor adventures.

High Carbon Steel

Traditional genuine kukris are made of high carbon steel from recycled truck/car suspensions because of which it becomes super-strong and remains sharp for a longer time. However it should be remembered that these blades if not maintained properly may rust. Avoid contact with water to save it from rusting. Also apply a light oil coat on the blade during storage and after every use.

Full Tang Blade

Is your kukri made from full tang? Full tang kukri blades stretch all the way across the handle, so, it becomes super-tough for hard work. However, if you are going for a light outdoor activity, this is not very important.

Be Careful

Handle your kukri very carefully. This is a great chopping weapon and can make serious injuries if not handled carefully. If you are a casual user, one of the many decorative, smaller-sized kukris is recommended for you. It may require infrequent sharpening of blade using smaller blunt knife that comes with most kukris; however, major sharpening should best be left to the professionals.

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