Buy a Log Splitter and Make Your Next Camping Trip Enjoyable in a True Sense

foot operated log splitterCampfire is great fun, but splitting wood for a great campfire is certainly not an easy job. It demands a lot of labor and efforts and takes a lot of time too, especially if it’s done with a conventional tool like an axe.

Campfire is not only fun but is also of great use. You can cook food on it, keep yourself and your family warm and keep dangerous wildlife away that may get attracted to your tent for eatables you’ve brought with you. But campfire needs a lot of logs and splitting so many logs with an axe is not practical because after the work you may have a very little time and energy left to enjoy your camping trip.

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But there is a very easy solution, a tool designed specifically for the job, i.e. a log splitter. This is a tool that does your job without much of physical exertion and within a short time. There are a lot of types of log splitters on the market and finding one that’s suitable to your needs may be a little daunting. But going through comprehensive log splitter reviews may help you here.

Various types of log splitters offer various benefits; but you’ve to remember that they also offer different types of drawbacks. So, you’ll have to consider the important features of each of them that you’ll need so that you can make the right choice.

Log Splitters Overview

Log splitters normally include an assembly of electric or hydraulic rod and piston and their performance is gauged in terms of tons of force produced by them.

Log splitters that are used for homes or private camping usually have a rating of 10 tons whereas professional grade systems used for industrial purpose produce 25 tons force.

Higher force means higher rating for a log splitter and higher rating means that the splitter has the capability of tackling with thicker logs of more round lengths.

There are also manual log splitters available that require mechanical force for pushing logs for splitting through the blade assembly.

foot operated log splitter

A splitter includes all the components found in a hydraulic machine. These include:

  • Engine
  • Valve
  • Hydraulic oil pump
  • Tank

The engine offers all the power to this tool for operation and is attached to the hydraulic oil pump. A stream of high-pressure oil is generated within the pump and it passes to the valve.

The machine is activated when the user triggers the valve. The hydraulic oil is stored in the tank from where it feeds pump constantly during operation. There is a filter too included in the structure that brings about cleaning of oil during operation.

Besides hydraulic pump, there are diesel, gas or electric power sources for the splitter. Go through a good log splitter buying guide to get your hands on a correct log splitter.

kinetic electric log splitter

Why to Buy a Log Splitter?

A log splitter may not be of use for everyone. But for those who go on camping trips regularly and need wooden logs for campfire and also those who have cottages or cabins with stoves burning with wood logs, a log splitter is an extremely useful tool. All types of log splitters are portable and you will face no difficulty in carrying it for your camping trips.

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Some prominent benefits of a log splitter are:

  • Log splitting becomes faster and less time consuming so you are left with a lot of time for enjoying your trip instead of spending the entire day in splitting logs.
  • Log splitter makes sure you get logs of perfect size that you desire.
  • If maintained well, log splitters are a long-term investment.
  • They are safe to use; so, you can split logs without getting injured, whereas an axe may be a dangerous tool and can cause a fatal injury.

So, next time while going on a camping trip, don’t forget to buy a log splitter and you’ll enjoy your trip in a true sense.

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