Best Hitch Cargo Carrier 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

If you love to go camping with your family, you know how important it is to carry a variety of essentials with you. When family, especially children are with you, in a terrain where not many facilities may be available, you should take care of carrying all those things which you may need at odd hours. And your car cannot carry all of them. Here a hitch cargo carrier comes into picture. Here are tips on how to choose a perfect hitch cargo carrier for you.

What is a Hitch Rack?

A hitch rack is tied to a hitch installed on the rear of a car or trailer. The rack is secured with a locking mechanism or pin after sliding in the hitch. You may come across many variations in hitch rack, but the basic structure and functions are usually the same.

Several trucks and SUVs are equipped with trailer hitches, while cars are not.

Buying a Hitch for a Car

Most cars can be installed with a hitch. However, the towing and weight capacity can be the only limitations. Buyers can install a hitch by themselves or get a professional to install it. Installation on your own should be tried only if you are confident about working with cars.

Types of Hitch Racks

There are various options and features available in hitch racks to cater a buyer’s various needs. You can learn about the best hitch cargo carrier 2017 to decide which hitch rack will be the most suitable to you.

Fold Away Racks: These are the basic racks with an added feature of folding down so that users can access the trunk. When the goods are unloaded, you can lower the rack out of the way so as to open the trunk of the car. This is particularly helpful in case of vans or SUVs with hatchbacks that cannot be opened if something in the way. Thus large groups or families on camping can use this option.

Swing Away Racks: These are usually costlier than a standard or fold away hitch, but offer easy access to the trunk. They have a rotating joint on the arm of the rack. You can remove a pin or loosen a knob and the arm opens up and swings to the left or right of the car. This offers full access to the trunk.

Consider these points and choose the best hitch cargo carrier for you that will let you enjoy your camping trip the most.

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