7 Essentials for Survival During Adventures

Enjoyment of thrill has its own cost. And it sometimes can even be life. While you are roaming in the wilderness, you may face any emergency, from falling into a pit down the earth to get tangled into the skies amongst branches. A hardcore adventurer, therefore, is always prepared. Tools like tactical knives, cordage, hydration system, and the like are mere essentials for survival while you enjoy your outdoor expeditions with Nature, animals, and all the enthralling elements of wilderness. Here are 7 such essentials for being prepared for any fatal situation while adventuring.


Any outdoor enthusiast will agree that a knife is the most important tool to carry during any outdoor activity. The versatility of a knife is unmatched. It is not only useful for camping but also in everyday life.

By and large, a fixed blade knife is preferred by most adventurers looking at its durability and sturdiness due to no movement. A fixed blade knife is better for cutting branches, etc. However, if you prefer a folding knife because it is suitable to your needs, no problem. But better you carry a fixed blade knife too.

tactical knife

Always make sure before you embark upon camping that your knife is sharp. A blunt knife will make you use double your strength for cutting objects or any other task. Also make sure that it is not rusted and loosened.


Cordage is the next essential for camping. Ideally a paracord bracelet is the one which makes all your tasks easy and you don’t have to carry it separately. You can wear it as a bracelet and can additionally tie things to it. It has more uses than you think of and you on your own can find out more of its uses. You can separate strings from it and sew your torn trousers! You can make it into a tourniquet for a wound to stop blood loss. You can make a sling of it to hold your broken arm. Even the rope can make a stretcher when run between two bamboos or straight branches. Thus, a rope is an ideal survival tool you should have with you while heading towards jungles.

Barkley Series bracelettourniquet

stitching cloth

Hydration System

Even a child can tell the importance of water. Better you carry a Camelbak with you always to ensure your water supply. Along with water you can also carry some other of your items in it.’


Map and Compass

This also needs no explanation. When you are lost in the wilderness and need a comeback desperately to the civilization, these two things are the most essential.

map and compass


Food, cloth and shelter are basic needs of humans! So, this is the third one, when you are wandering in the jungles, where will you stay at night? Like Tarzan – in branches? Where a snake can come and kiss you? So, you will need a shelter – a tarp or the like. Here too your cordage will help you to build you a shelter.


First-aid Kit

While making your way through branches, rocks, flowing water and such elements of Nature, injuries are bound to happen and you need a first-aid kit. In this, you should have a bandage, cotton balls, anti-inflammatory ointment, antipyretic pills, gauze, spirit-containing cleansers, scissors, etc.

1st aid-kits

Signaling Tools

If you are caught in a survival situation and need to contact people, you should have some signaling equipment. A signaling mirror is ideal because it can be noticed easily even by an aircraft. You can have a signaling mirror with instructions engraved on the back, so you can remember how to use it.

light source for camping

Any other source of light too can be useful for signaling. A flash light e.g. can be used for Morse Code. As you cannot carry a match box in the jungles, it is recommended to carry a flash light with you, not only to show you the way in the dark, but also help you to give a call for help.  

Other tool can be whistles. They can easily catch attention of other people. And whistles are not only useful to give a call for help, but also make other campers aware that danger is nearby.

There are many other things you should carry to be safe during your adventure, but some of them are the most essential and can decide your life or death. The above given objects are among them. So, don’t forget to carry them during your next adventure.

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