3 Important Points to Consider while Choosing the Right Camping Pillow

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Every time when you go on a camping trip, you feel the need to carry a camping pillow when bedtime arrives in the wilderness, tent or campervan. But it’s also true that you haven’t bought one yet because you have no idea of where to start. You don’t have a definite list of considerations while looking for such a pillow. So, here are a few points that can help you out in shopping for a perfect backpacking pillow.

1. Type of Camping

Considering what type of camping you prefer is an important point while thinking of what type of pillow you need.


When it comes to backpacking, there’s a different set of requirements from a pillow. The size is one of the major issues because backpackers carry everything in their backpack. Models that take up a considerable space are not useful in this situation. Similarly, weighty models are not useful either. Therefore backpackers actually prefer to give up on pillows. If you are a backpacker and need a pillow, go through Gear Signal where you’ll find thorough reviews of backpacking pillows.

Car Camping

Car camping being comfortable, convenient and usually social, is the most popular way of camping. In this case, a pillow can increase your comfort and convenience even more. The Thermarest compressible pillow has become quite popular for car camping due to its softness, support, compressibility and ease of use. The above mentioned website Gear Signal has a thorough review of this pillow.

2. Types of Pillows

For choosing a perfect pillow, its type should also be considered. Here are the main types of pillows.


Compressible pillows are filled with various foams, synthetic fibers or down feathers or a combination of these. When it comes to resembling a pillow from one’s bedroom, compressible pillows are the closest. Down feathers are the most lightweight, softest and most compressible, but add to the price of the pillow. Foam and synthetic fiber are tougher and heavier, and cheaper than down feathers. Compressible pillows are heavier than inflatable pillows, and offer less support since they get flattened due to the user’s head’s weight. They also occupy more space in the luggage. Thus they are ideal for car camping or outdoor trips that last only for a few days.

thermarest compressible camping pillow


Inflatable pillows are filled with air which makes them firmer and lighter than most compressible and hybrid pillows. You have to blow air in it through a valve. They offer the convenience of taking up a fraction of space required by compressible and hybrid pillows because they can be packed after deflating and folding. However, they provide the least of comfort. They also make a lot of noise when the users’ heads shift on them. They are perfect for multi-day backpacking trips, but not for car camping where you may want a more comfortable camping pillow.

naturehike pillow inflatable


Hybrid pillows fall somewhere in between compressible and inflatable pillows. Their top layer for the head is compressible to provide comfort and the bottom is inflatable to provide support and for reducing its volume while packing. The compromise they provide is actually enjoyable.

3. Your Style of Sleeping

Everyone has got a unique sleeping style, but in general, there are three sleeping positions towards which most of us gravitate, i.e. sleeping on side, back or stomach. This affects the support you require for the alignment of your spine. A right kind of pillow can give you the right support and you can wake up with no aching neck or back. Side sleepers need a thick and supportive pillow to get their head level with their spine, back sleepers need a pillow with a medium support, whereas stomach sleepers don’t need much support, so, flat and thin pillows are fine for them.

4 pillows stacked

Hopefully, these points will help you find the right kind of camping pillow and you can enjoy your adventure with a restful sleep.

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